Free At Last

No Need to elaborate on this post. As of this morning, Edward Snowden was issued temporary asylum in Russia. He is allowed to legally reside in the country for one year with the option to apply for renewal when the year is up. With his newly issued Russian passport in hand, Edward Snowden left the transit zone and took his first steps into Moscow as a (temporary) citizen of Russia. According to New York Magazine, Snowden was accompanied by Wikileaks rep Sarah Harrison. 

This couldn’t have happened at a better time. The heat has died down from other news stories such as the Zimmerman trial and the Anthony Weiner scandal (redux) so this story can once again take the spotlight. This comforting ending also signals my departure from this blog. I am currently concentrating on other projects that require more of my attention and while the Edward Snowden story can break something new at any moment, my focus needs to be placed on other topics. But don’t fear, if something monumental occurs regarding Snowden, I will be here to report on it.

I’m glad to hear that Snowden is finally somewhere safe, I hope this brings him some sense of closure.