The Adventures Of Edward Snowden

Hello fellow fans of The Americans, I hope you have found another television show to satiate your craving of secrets and spies until season two begins early next year. As you are aware, this blog is not only related to television shows but politics and current events as well. And one of the biggest political thrillers stories of not only this summer but the entire year has much in common with our beloved TV show. Like The Americans, Russia is a very large participant in this story as well as secrets, spying, and major privacy issues. It should come as no shock that the whistle-blowing case of Edward Snowden is a major news event, but the fact that he could potentially get away with it by seeking political asylum is the biggest surprise of all.

To give a brief summary, Edward Snowden is a former CIA analyst who believed that he could no longer stand by his government after witnessing how it treated its citizens. After Snowden saw that the NSA was essentially spying on Americans and others around the world through phone and the web (dubbed operation PRISM), he collected the classified documents which he has full access to and informed the UK publication, The Gauardian, of the acts that had been committed. Snowden immediately fled to Moscow by way of Hong Kong where he is currently seeking political asylum. The USA is currently attempting to extradite him, as they wish to bring him to bring him justice.

This story brings up a lot of interesting topics of debate such as loyalty to country vs. fellow man, patriotism vs. purgery,  and even privacy infringement despite the government’s retort that the spying was done with the safety of Americans in mind. These are all topics that I will discuss while reporting on this story. However, breaking news regarding the fate of Edward Snowden was released over the holiday weekend; the man has supposedly received grants for political asylum  from Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Officials from these countries are quoted saying that they would be honored to protect Snowden from “persecution unleashed by the world’s most powerful empire” according to New York Magazine. Now that the man has options, he just needs to figure out how to make the journey. Snowden is currently still in Moscow and with no direct flight to any of these nations, Snowden may be forced to travel by way of Havana, Cuba, a country that is less than thrilled to harbor him. To make matters worse, American allies such as France and Spain refuse to have Snowden fly through their airspace. Snowden has finally found relief as Russia is more than willing to get rid of him, but he has to find a way to make it to safety first.

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this story just yet. While many Americans don’t seem to feel that their liberties and freedoms have been infringed upon by NSA spying, many took to the streets in protest over the holiday. There is still more to the story to come, details will unfold over the coming weeks as we finally begin to figure out who in fact is the enemy in this situation. Is it the big government attempting to secure the country, or the man who saw his fellow citizens being taken advantage of and actually did something about it?


2 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Edward Snowden

  1. Marisa – I am actually relieved to know that you are unsure of your feelings on the topic. I am not sure how I feel about it myself – but you are clearly doing your research. There are other topics where I have done research and could not determine an opinion and you articulate the feeling well.

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