The Americans 1.9: But It Was An Accident


Shame on you Phillip and Elizabeth, ruining the absolute perfection of fried chicken for Paige and Henry, your darling children. As you may guess from the events in the last episode, this episode starts off with Phillip and Elizabeth announcing that Phillip is moving out and Elizabeth will be living in the house with the kids. Of course the kids flip out, I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. But viewers, I felt as if I was intruding on someone’s private life as I watched this clip. It was quite heartbreaking. Flash forward to the next day, the Beeman’s are throwing a party, Paige won’t speak to her mother, and Phillip is staying at a depressing hotel on the outskirts of Washington D.C. Beeman and his friends from the FBI are casually discussing plans to take out the head of Russian Embassy, whom they refer to as “the head Rezident” and goes by the name Arkadey. This is in retaliation for the scientists killed and everyone seems to be on board… except Beeman, surprisingly enough.

that night, “Clark” pays a visit to Martha to obtain more information. And after an extremely uncomfortable sex scene, Martha confesses her love for him and convinces him to stay the night. I’m impressed by how well his wig stays on throughout the whole Martha ordeal. As “Clark” lets himself out of Martha’s apartment, Chris (Beeman’s partner) is waiting outside for him, ready to fight. After a very physical fight, “Clark” stabs Chris with his own knife and stuffs him in the trunk of his car. Bad move, buddy.

Phillip calls in his wife for reinforcement to care for Chris in an abandoned warehouse and Chris is not looking good. His absence is noticed at the FBI right away and an investigation kicks in. Beeman searches his apartment with no luck, and found his car completely clean of prints. Immediately Beeman suspects KGB involvement (rightfully so) but no one else at the FBI believes him. And that’s when the flashbacks begin. I was surprised to find that they weren’t as cheesy and sentimental as I thought they would be, but nonetheless found them unnecessary.

Zoom in on Chris suffering from his stab wound and then quickly back to the Jennings residence. Paige is giving Elizabeth attitude about her broken marriage when she receives a phone call about Henry’s lack of participation at school. Elizabeth is suddenly living the life of a single mom. Back at the warehouse, Phillip (as Phillip, not as Clark) uses Chris’s weakened state to get information but low and behold, Chris will not say a word. 

Despite Chris’s disappearance, the FBI is moving on with their plan to get the Rezident. Beeman is now on board in the wake of these events. But the Rezident didn’t go jogging with his young friend at the culture desk that day. Even though the signal to abort the mission was given, Beeman’s anger gets the best of him and demands they take the lone jogger hostage. After interrogations though, it turns out that this lone jogger, Vladimir, knows nothing about Chris’s disappearance since he does not hold a high ranking with KGB nor Russian embassy.   

Chris eventually told Phillip and Elizabeth the plan, but after he thought it was successfully carried out. But after Elizabeth confirms that Arkadey is still alive, Chris dies. I am in shock that they killed him off so soon. This television show seems to be trigger happy when it comes to their reoccurring characters. Chris’s body was found that night by his colleagues, who vowed to bring his killer(s) to justice. After one more sad flashback, Beeman goes back to the safe house, feeds Vlad a burger, and then shoots him in the back of his head. The way he died was terrible. Vlad never stood a chance.

I think this episode of The Americans was the most gruesome yet. Not one, but two well known characters were killed off and relations between the KGB and the FBI are more tense. than they ever were before. All of this built up tension needs to be released in an episode but will it happen next week? Or will it slowly build until the season finale?



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