The Americans 1.4: Live Blog: 4!

The conclusion of this episode begins with agent Beeman reporting to headquarters that there is no important information regarding the Soviets in the assassination attempt. The Jennings’ are comfortably at home, watching the media portray frightening images surrounding the crisis. Elizabeth and Phillip stop by the Beeman household to see how they “made it through the day.” The Jennings’ are able to play the part of concerned Americans as they drill Beeman for information. While Beeman assuages their “fears”, he also mentions that if the Soviets were responsible, it would have triggered World War III.

I’m sensing a new plot line about to begin as the Beemans argue about their personal relationship. Beeman’s wife feels neglected and alone while Agent Beeman plays dumb until he finally admits that he may be falling out of love.

I have to say that although the overall subject matter of this episode was supposed to be exciting, the episode itself wasn’t. This episode was more rooted in role play and what lies underneath. There wasn’t much movement or development involved and it didn’t really leave me on the edge of my seat. Maybe the next episode will hold more promise.


2 thoughts on “The Americans 1.4: Live Blog: 4!

  1. Loved your live blogging! It kept me on the edge of my seat even if the actual episode itself didn’t. Though it was ultimately anticlimactic, I enjoyed reading your reactions to each segment, especially since I felt the same way most of the time. Like you, I really liked the episode’s historical accuracy!

  2. I’d also like to see what the future holds for the Beemans, and I think you have good insight on a possibly a new plot line developing out of this. Great post, loved your live blog!

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