The Americans 1.4: Live Blog: 3!

The episode is escalating fast. Elizabeth and Phillip continue to fight about their pursuit of information, making it seem like Phlllip is thinking about defecting again. Agent Beeman finally meets with his source Nina, just to hear what he already knows. “Both sides have their fingers on the trigger, ready to pull.” Is it me or is there sort of a dangerous flirtation between the two?

Back in the Jennings’ family home, Elizabeth and Phillip overhear that the American government has the codes ready to launch nuclear arms towards Soviet Russia. Elizabeth wants to transmit the information immediately but Phillip disagrees. Obviously, this escalates into an argument about how Phillip has found love for American and can’t stay loyal to the mission at hand. Phillip finally stands up to her and states that they should be trying to prevent a war, not cause one. It’s a great point, one of the best he has made in the entire series!


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