The Americans 1.4: Live Blog: 2!

The crisis continues as Philip and Elizabeth try to prepare for their original mission, “operation Christopher.” Meanwhile, Agent Beeman attempts to have a meeting with his inside source, whose name we now know is Nina. Phillip and Elizabeth throw their wigs on an attempt to take advantage of an assistant to the Vice President in order to obtain information. Their mission is successful as they find out that Preisdent Reagen is in stable condition. Elizabeth and Phillip fight on the way back about the possibility of Moscow overreacting to the situation. But suddenly things take a turn. Elizabeth is pulled over for a harmless security check and she ends up shooting the cop.

A plot point that I have taken interest to during this episode is the interaction between Paige, daughter of Phillip and Elizabeth, and agent Beeman’s son. Like many of us do today when a life changing event takes place, Paige can’t glue herself away from the media coverage. Obviously, she finds comfort in discussing this with Agent Beenman’s soon, forming a close bond.


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